About Us

About Us

Who is Financial Life?

We are a Connecticut-based FinTech startup that is addressing the American savings crisis. We’re starting by giving savers access to a base rate that’s ~25x the national average and then tack on the ability to earn up to 110x the national average*.

We’re also building educational tools to increase financial literacy and a forum to ask finance questions that may otherwise remain a mystery to everyday savers.

When we grow together as a community, we all benefit.

Our Mission



Be incentivized to start saving money



Increase your overall financial literacy



Take control of your financial life

Our Vision

People should be rewarded for saving. Everyone should have access to financial education. Retirement should be a reality for everyone.

We are building a world where everyday savers are rewarded for good habits, people can learn about different financial products and services in an intuitive manner from their own homes, and people are able to actually enjoy retirement.

Join Us

We are a small, passionate team tackling a big issue. We are looking for like-minded people to join us in a variety of functions. If you're interested in discussing a position at Financial Life, please send a note to careers@askfinli.com with your information.

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